What comes to your mind when I say… a hotel, guest house or suite? Is it furniture, a bathroom or even a colour of the walls?

I mean what you really remember – a golden door handle, tap, colour of bedlinen or colour of the room.

What else comes to your mind – a taste of coffee, tea or the whole breakfast. A memory of people taking care of you, an outstanding view of your room, or the place where you spend your time itself. 

Yes, of course we have high quality floors, furniture, fine bed linen or room decoration. However, the most important thing for us is the atmosphere of the place where you have decided to stay for a while.

It is true we don't wear dinner jackets, we don't have hotel porters etc., but we are ready to do anything for you not to feel like in a hotel, but sort of in your home.

In case you don't feel it, just tell us - the same as you are at home and you are not relaxed.

Just tell us and we will do the best for you to have everything according to your desires – you are our guests, anyway :-)


We accept:

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